Video Of Joe Biden Falling Off His Bike On Twitter (Little Accident)

The viral video from social media that shows the president of the United States Joe Biden falling off his bike accident has gone trending madly after many people heard the news about that, video of Joe Biden falling off his bike is being shared by a lot of online users

The Joe Biden bike accident was not bad because he barely fell after he was trying to stop his bike

“Biden falls off his bike when it was stopped! Thank God he was wearing a helmet! Our nation might have been saved if he hadn’t.” Nevada tweet

Video Of Joe Biden Falling Off His Bike

According to the many reports, there is no injury regarding Joe Biden’s bike accident, he just fell by mistake when he was trying to get off the bike, 

As the US government reports said according to this incident, “As the president said, his foot got caught in the pedal when he dismounted and he is fine,”

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