Girl Goes Python Makeup Tutorial Video (Psycho)

The viral news on the Internet forced many people to search for Girl Goes Python Makeup Tutorial Video (Psycho) after a trending clip shows how a girl has gone mad during a live makeup video, girl goes python makeup is really trending on Google as many online users are looking to find that video to witness how that strange thing happened

The video shows a horrible incident that happened to a girl when she was recording her makeup video on Youtube, As many people are saying after they have watched the video, it’s either that girl possessed with something or she made that accident up to get people’s attention

Girl Goes Python Makeup Tutorial Video (Psycho)

The girl was showing her makeup video to her channel fans, then started something strange like she was going crazy or something affected her, then she started hitting something near the camera she was using with her head until the blood came out all over her forehead

But some people that are already watched that video says it acting, “That video was fake, I did several research about this video, and the girl from the video was only doing acting, and the video was actually a movie promo”, someone wrote on Facebook

Watch the video below:

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